Is it a Termite or Ant?

Sometime very soon winged termites will start taking to the air to mate and start new colonies.   Hundreds of these "swarmers" can emerge from a single mature termite colony.  Being alert and watching for winged termites is important—it is both evidence that one or more established colonies are in the area, and a warning that they are trying to create new colonies. Swarmers are weak fliers and most stay within a block or two of where they emerged.   A few may find their way indoors, but if you see many winged termites indoors it is a sign that they are probably coming from a colony that is already inside your home and eating away at it.

We're including a picture here of both a termite and an antswarmer, because ants may swarm about the sametime as termites, and it is easy to mistake the two.   Note that unlike ants, termite front and rear wings are about the same length, the wings have lots of veins, their waist is broad,and their antennae are curved or straight, never sharply bent.

Proper identification is important, because the control techniques we use fo rtermites, carpenter ants,and other ants are very different.

Call us for a professionalinspection if you find any of these pests in or near your home.   Savesomeofthe pests for us in a jar for properidentification, but please don't fill the jar with water—it rots insects. Whatever the pest, we will design the best control strategy to eliminate them and protect your home.

termite vs ant


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