Southern Elementary School


An entomologist visits!

We had an awesome visit from Entomologist Jess from Royal Pest. The kids got to see bugs in glass cases and an amazing slide show about bugs. 
The kids loved it!  They asked wonderful questions and showed just how smart they were about bugs.
They also got to eat bug shaped cookies.
We can listen to Entomologist Jess on WDSD 94.7 on  Friday Mornings at 8:30.
Thank you Royal Pest Control!!!
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Royal Riverboat Client Thank You

Royal Pest said THANK YOU to our Port of Wilmington Customers with a sunset Cruise on the Christina River

Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia 2013

Royal Pest brought MouseTrap Mania to the Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia 2013 Show. We had some very game people play the game setting the traps and one guy loved UNSETTING the traps. Video on YouTube coming soon!

Delaware Apartment Association SAFARI 2013

Royal Pest defended our title for BEST BOOTH IN SHOW at the 2013 Delaware Apartment Association Maintenance Mania. To capture the SAFARI THEME, the booth featured giant balloon gorillas and palm trees with monkeys made by Jungle John. The new Royal Pest Mascot: FUMEY GATOR made his first public appearance and people lined up for thei FUMEY PHOTO OP. Our booth continued the Maintence Mayhem with the challenging game of MOUSE TRAP MAYHEM. Competitors had to set set five traps in the shortest time. Two gals took home winner prizes and one guy had the overall lowest time setting five mousetraps in 9.22 seconds! Cathy, Phil, Jungle John and Rick proudly accepted the Best in Show Award...and will be back next year for a THREE-PEAT!


The GREEN SHOW at the Bob Carpenter Center: February 9, 2013. Royal Pest sponsored the bags handed out at the door.

Our BOOTH featured The Royal Butterfly and MAKE-A-BUG-FACE where we took some adorable pictures of kids...and some silly adults.

The WINNER of The ROYAL FAMILY FUN PACK was Tara. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth!

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