DAA Trade Show: Oz

Royal Pest brings the Wizard of Oz to Life at the DAA Trade Show

Phil summed it up best:

To the trade show team

Thank you all for your assistance and time. I think we showed them what Royal is all about. Melissa was the perfect Dorothy and her exquisite looks got the crowd to come over and take a picture with her. Bing's good nature had the crowd eating out of his hand. Rick was the master mind of the show and I can say we received a lot of positive response from the people that participated in our challenges and information. Amanda did a great job controlling the numerous contestants, picking up the pieces and adding valuable knowledge to the many questions. Fantastic job to all and thank you.


2013 Royal Christmas Party

The 2013 Royal Family Christmas Party...including a visit from Santa.

2013 Royal Year In Review

A look back (with a wink) at the year 2013 at Royal Pest Solutions.

Newark High School Yellowjacket Homecoming

The Royal Pest SMART CAR led the Newark High School Homecoming parade!!! It got plenty of cheers as we threw planet-friendly stress globes to the crowd!

Havre de Grace, MD Football Homecoming

PINK SHOELACES for Havre de Grace, MD Football Homecoming

Royal Pest donated PINK SHOELACES to the Havre de Grace Football teams to support the fight against breast cancer. Saturday was a day of football of all age levels and many of the teams and players laced up with Royal Pest Pink Shoelaces. Judi and Frann also had a table at the show painting faces and having the kids play BUGS-KETBALL.

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