Christmas Party Middletown 2011
The Middletown Christmas Party 2011 was filled with gifts, games and great food.
FPA 2011 Meeting - Baltimore, MD
American Lung Association Walk at Dover Speedway

Royal Pest was a sponsor at an American Lung Association walk at Dover Speedway on a VERY WINDY day!


Philly CBS 3 NEWS Meteorologist KATIE FEHLINGER interviewed Royal Pest's very own John Moore about STINK BUGS. Jimmy Johnson was filmed doing a STINK BUG treatment at the home of Stacey Inglish.

Tour de Lance 2011

Royal Pest was a sponsor of the Tour De Lance 5K Run/Walk. Jason, Frann and Andrew ran it. Out of over 1,200 participants, Jason was 207th. Frann was in under 40 minutes and the rest of us beat last year's time walking. Thank you Kevin for setting up, Jason for helping break down, Deborah, her mom Deborah and sister Stephanie, Frann, Andrew, and Nancy for giving Royal a presence at the event. Perfect night for a fast-paced stroll along the Riverfront.

Official times:

Jason: 207th place at 25:05
Frann: 678th place at 37:47
Rick:    900th place at 53:59
Nancy: 902nd place at 54:06
Deborah: 903rd place at 54:09 (and her mom and sister)

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Kitchen Ants


Ants LOVE kitchens…it’s easier pickin’s than a picnic.  Here are a few tips on how you can help prevent ants from invading your kitchen.


Termites Swarming


It is not always possible for an untrained individual to see evidence of termites. Homeowners must be vigilant in and around the home.


Flea Infestation


Summer and fall are prime seasons for flea infestations, and with both humans and pets spending more time outdoors.


Rain & Mosquitoes


Not only can mosquitoes carry diseases that afflict humans, but they also can transmit several diseases and parasites that dogs and horses are very susceptible to.